Diary Entry 10: (Garil Desert) Blue Ruins

The Seemingly Unstoppable Gigra

We came upon a place called the Blue Ruins. As we approached the central ruins, we ran into a problem. The entrance leading underground was buried under the sand. The only way we could get in, was if we could remove the sand somehow.

Gash remembered that his fellow seekers had dug up a relic which had the ability to create tornadoes. If we could get this ruin running, we would be able to clear away the sand. Not too far in the distance, we could see two small relics.

We first destroyed the northeast relic and then the northwest one. Upon its destruction, the relic did indeed create a massive tornado! It completely removed the sand that was blocking the entrance! The only objective left was to get past the ruins and we would be out of the desert once and for all.

We proceeded to fly underground. It was simply amazing! We were in an underground cave. We weren't out of hot water yet. It was then that we were confronted by a strange creature. Gash said it was called a Gigralyph.

Gash wondered why such a small creature was found in such large ruins? We had to kill it so we could move on. We managed to weaken it to a near death state. It was then that it called for reinforcements. Something came toward us from under the sand. It soon surfaced beside the Gigralyph. Here was the large monster Gash was expecting, a giant Gigra! After fighting a decisive battle, the Gigra fell to the ground below, completely immobilized.

Just as we were about to take a sigh of relief, the Gigra came back with vengeance! It still wasn't dead. I couldn't believe it! The creature readied a final attack. Just when we thought our lives were over, an amazing thing happened! The dragon changed into a stronger form!! It shot streams of incredibly strong laser fire at the Gigra, completely engulfing it! It finally fell to its eternal resting place. Now, we could finally make our way out of the ruins.

Once out of the desert, we set up camp. Gash told me he was going to go off on his own. He said he would always consider me as his friend and that I could rely on him if I ever needed his help. Before departing, he said I should head east where a caravan was located.

He gave me a pendant and said if I showed it to the people of the caravan, they would help me out. We said our good-byes and went our separate ways. I was off to the caravan.


Divine Overview

1. If you haven't already gotten the Kuo Pollen from the Green Oasis, you can pick it up at the start of the Blue Ruins. Just shoot the tips of the many different plants to make it appear.

2. Notice the fossilized worm carcasses that can be seen strung throughout the start of the area.

3. Approach the Blue Ruins (how ironic they are called the Blue Ruins, when in actuality they are white) and lock-on to them. Gash will tell you that his fellow seekers dug up relics that could create tornadoes. You must seek out these two relics and destroy them to activate the tornado, that will remove the sand blocking the entrance.

4. Destroy the northeast relic.

5. Destroy the second relic located to the northwest.

6. The relic will create a gigantic tornado, that will remove the sand blocking the entrance to the Blue Ruins.

7. Enter the ruins.

8. You will find yourself in an underground cave. You are confronted by a Gigralyph. Reek havoc upon the small creature!

9. The Gigralyph calls for reinforcements.

10. A massive Gigra is called to its side! Destroy the two creatures with all of your might! Watch out though, the Gigra has many forms it will take throughout the battle.

11. Once you defeat the Gigra, it falls to the sand below and is immobilized.

12. Or so you thought! The Gigra won't give up so easily and is back for revenge!

13. It readies an onslaught of spears intended to take out your dragon!

14. Luckily for you, your dragon changes into a more powerful shape and shoots amazingly powerful streams of laser fire at the Gigra!

15. The extremely powerful laser streams completely engulf the Gigra, taking it down to its final resting place.

16. Make your way to the exit.

17. You arrive at camp, where Gash tells you he can go on his own. He tells you to go east where a caravan can be found. This is your next destination. Before departing, he also gives you a pendant. If you show this pendant to the people of the caravan they will help you out.

18. Before moving on to the Caravan go back to the Garil Desert/Blue Ruins.

19. If you fly around the rock walls you can fight a group of Sand Mites.

20. These are the numbered locations where you can find them. When the radar turns yellow you are within range of the battle. The easiest way to encounter them is in sections 3 and 4 on the map. Fly around in circles in those areas until the battle begins.

21. Be warned though, they give you a *LOT* of experience. So, the levels you gain here might make the game even easier!


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