Panzer Dragoon Saga Theories


This theory focuses on the assortment of symbols found within the game, that might form the Panzerese language.


The Panzer Dragoon Creature Theory


This theory tries to explain what happened to the natural animals of the Panzer Dragoon world.

The Garil Desert Theory


This theory explains a possible link Between the Garil Desert from Panzer Dragoon Saga and Episode 1 from Panzer Dragoon.

The Book of Genesis Theory


This theory interprets the Book of Genesis, explaining that all humans in the Panzer Dragoon world could in fact be Drones.


The Downfall of the Ancient Civilization Theory


This theory delves into the circumstances that led to the downfall of the ancient civilization.


Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider


This theory explores the possibility of Radgam being the true 4th dragon rider.
This theory attempts to explain how Azel was awakened.
This theory explores the possibility of The Dragon being a Storage Unit.
This theory provides us with a possible explanation (image included) of what an "Ancient" might really look like.


Coolia Inconsistency Theory


This theory discusses the possibility of different Coolia species and their evolution.
What secrets are concealed under Gash's mask? Why does he keep his right arm covered? Could he be a drone/half drone?