Diary Entry 1: Ruins Bottom Floors

A Mysterious Dragon Saves my Life

Somehow I'd survived the long fall after being shot by one of Craymen's men. It must have been a miracle, because my gunshot wound had completely healed!

The underground ruins were so desolate and lonely. Images of my friends massacre ran rampant throughout my mind. I put them aside. I had to find a way to the surface, so I explored the ruins.

While viewing my surroundings I came upon a finely crafted engraving of a dragon! I made my way to the back of the ruins. I found an ancient machine with two locks at each end. It looked like an elevator, my way out! Right next to the elevator, I found an ancient container of some sort, that contained an ancient gun with a unique dragon design.

Also, along with the gun, I found an elevator key. I used the key on the left and right locks and the elevator started! I made my way to the top only to find my life in utter danger! Pure Type monsters were out for my blood! I tried to use my gun, but the damn thing didn't work!

Just as I was about to be monster food, something amazing happened! Arrows of light shot down from above and completely destroyed the monsters! Soon after, a dragon flew down . I couldn't believe my eyes!

As I looked down, the dragon flew straight up in front of me! When he drew closer, I fell to the ground with apprehension, as it came within arms reach. Suddenly, a strange light engulfed my body and I was shown a vision of the past and future. The feeling was indescribable. The dragon had chosen me as his new rider! We flew to the surface with complete confidence!


Divine Overview

1. Seek out the Elevator Key. Note: just for your own information, you can reset the game by holding A+B+C+L+R+Start, then let go.

2. Don't forget to look up at the surrounding wall, as a mysterious engraving of a dragon can be seen!

3. The elevator can be found at the back of the ruins.


4. Lock-on to the left lock near the elevator.

5. Lock-on to the right lock.

6. Ride the elevator to the surface.

7. Pure Type monsters are out for Edge's Blood!

8. Is Edge doomed to be monster food?!

9. An Ancient Age dragon saves Edge's life!

10. The dragon shows Edge a vision of the past and future.

11. The dragon choses Edge as its new rider, they escape to the surface.


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