Enemies Encountered/None

Diary Entry 2: Above the Excavation Site

A Sigh of Relief

After escaping the Underground Ruins, the dragon and I found ourselves above the Excavation Site.This place was paradise compared to the monster infested underground ruins.

As we made our way through the site, not one enemy was encountered. I still can't believe I'm ridding on an Ancient Age dragon! I wondered how I would get him to listen to me? I made it my top priority to get back to the dig site as soon as possible. I had a bad feeling that my Captain's life was fading.


Divine Overview

1. No enemy encounters will occur in this place so just relax and sit back for the ride.

2. After a short distance, the path will split, make sure to explore both routes.

3. Make sure to get the Feild Map, this will fill in your entire map.

4. Make sure to lock-on to the hanging boxes multiple times until you get the items inside. Sometimes there will be no items and birds will fly out.

5. Save your game at the save device.

6. At the far end of the (Above Excavation Site) is the exit, your next destination is the Excavation Site.

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