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Diary Entry 3: Excavation Site

The Captain's Death

After arriving at the Excavation Site, I quickly found the Captain. Unfortunately, he was badly wounded and had little time left. He was surprised that I had survived my great fall. Hell, I'm still surprised myself, it was nothing short of a miracle.

He told me that Craymen's Black Fleet was heading north, along the Valley. The Captain, with great concern for my life, told me to leave as soon as possible. If I were to stay, the Empire could find me. He also mentioned that mysterious girl whom was taken away by Craymen.

I wonder what the Captain meant when he said, " If they find you here, you're as good as dead, unless you recover that girl." I wonder what is so special about her? She must be very powerful to be able to stand up against the Empire.

Just before the Captain's life faded, he gave me a map of the entire continent. This would surely come in handy for my pursuit against Craymen.

Now, I was only left with feelings of anger, revenge, and emptiness. I had lost the person who raised me. I wish I had called him father before he died. I will stop at nothing to avenge the death of my friends as well as my Captain! Craymen will pay!!


Divine Overview

1. Seek out the injured Captain.

2. The Captain tells Edge that Craymen's fleet is heading north, along the Valley.

3. Edge receives a map of the entire Panzer Dragoon Saga Continent.

4. The Captain's life fades and Edge cries out in despair.

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